Communications from the IRS

NEWSFLASH: The IRS isn’t infallible (cough/choke). It may have improperly assessed a penalty or ‘proposed’ an improper change to your return.

If you happen to receive a letter from the IRS, please let us know. (A Client Portal Message is automatically linked to your file so we can see the status and respond more quickly, so that’s the best method!) At least give us a call. Our front office staff has probably dealt with that type of letter before. If not, they’ll ask your tax preparer.

A very common letter this year regards the IRS saying your extension isn’t valid because it wasn’t filed on time. What really happened is that the IRS incorrectly recorded some of the Form 1040 extensions as being received late so it rejected them. We have proof that we filed those extensions on time. It’s just one of the joys of dealing with such a large organization which has an old computer infrastructure which hinders, rather than helps, communication among its departments.

Regardless of the topic of the letter you receive from the IRS, we recommend you contact us so we can advise you. We’ve been in this business a long time so have lots of experience in this area.

Happy Autumn